As He restores and heals me one step at a time… He keeps unveiling His word He has hidden in my heart, for moments like these. Only to come forth so unexpectedly. As I jot down the words they settle my flesh and place my mind at ease. I am reminded all the way through, He is the Great Comforter for He knows what, how, and when we need.


The day I met faith,

for the very first time

It seemed I had met her before

as though the encounter was set in motion

from on high.

At last I could put a name with a face.

From a child I could not see her

but she was effervescent.

A  meeting not of chance only by

design of The Ancient of Days.

From a small girl Faith was always

looming but never seen. Whispered but

never engaged. Inclined but never endeavored.

I learned to believe; to see to act to conquer

having been the ways of my assured steps.

As the years aged, Faith became insistent, forcing me without

touch to move beyond my comforts.

Stretching me outside my figment walls.

Tearing down my imaginary limits.

Peeling back the layers of emotional baggage

that I carried for years, even across generations.

As Faith restructured and healed my soul.

She kept making me stronger with each feat.

By preempting movement without touch, words, or warning.

All and all Faith was transforming this little girl

at heart, bit by bit.

One midnight at a time.

After all I learned to lean on

Faith when the times were toughest.

Faith taught me to move, see, and conquer

never meeting her.

She said hi I am Faith, how do you do?

But she already knew I was just fine.

As she had been along for the ride

with a front row seat.

The thing is I only met

her once I reached my goal.

The day I met Faith…


Here is a song to encourage: Hero by Kirk Franklin