Today I saw something disgraceful that tugged at my heart. I quickly acknowledged it for what it was and chose not to ridicule the individual, knee-deep in addiction. I had compassion for the person as I knew the struggle was real. You see I have seen loved ones try to shake it for years and not be successful. I also am keenly aware, just as God did not send his son, Jesus into the world to condemn the world. Neither did He dispatch His warriors of the faith, into the highways and byways to condemn, judge, or shame anyone. That is simply not the loving God we serve.  As believers, we must love them beyond their addiction, vice, or strongholds. If you are asking how do we do that? I’m glad you asked, embrace those with that affliction in love and don’t treat them like one has the plague.

His compassion never ends. It is only the Lord’s mercies that have kept us from complete destruction. Lam 3:22 TLB

So a hug if you will, is a great start. This first step, is the very place Abba Father will introduce Himself to the very one in the midst of the struggle. In various churches, we are adamant and sharp on what God is. Pushing all of their traditions that have been taught eons and eons ago, all the while missing the key element. That is showing His love. Many times that’s what hurting people are starving for a touch from the Lord. For those called to do so, we are His hands, feet, and voice in the earth. Yes, we are all called to win souls or be fishers of men and women. Also lying at the root of our existence is our unique destiny, in our spiritual bellies just waiting to be birthed, at the appointed season. For most the reason the stronghold is so hard to shake, the devil uses it to hold us back. To keep us from meeting the mark or our purpose. In other words if the devil can keep us chasing our tails he can delay Gods purpose for your life. Be mindful, the devil can’t thwart the plan of God. Where he slithers in causing confusion as he is the author. Once he has stalled us, he goes in for the jugular and attempts death, destruction, or robbery. Thank God, he knows no new tricks so his playbook is the same. His method of operation is always to kill, still and destroy. The sooner we recognize his tactics the better off we will be. The devil is not our friend, anything he feeds is meant for our demise.

Keep watch and pray, so that you will not give in to temptation. For the spirit is willing, but the body is weak!” Matt26:41 NLT

Biblical Example:

There was the woman in the bible that slept around with many men. To show Jesus and how he showed her love and compassion. After the pharisees pointed her out to Jesus and what she has done. He asked one question, ye without sin, cast the first stone… It was an open and shut case thereafter, as they all dropped their stones instantly. They did so, as they knew they/we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. No her addiction was not drugs, but sleeping around definitely fit the category of strongholds. A stronghold by spiritual definition; a stronghold is a point of operation from where satan can keep the unbeliever captive or the believer incapacitated. So invite anyone today to shake loose whatever binds you; drugs, sex, liar, thief, anger, food just to name a few. Would you say this pray and lets watch what God does as you pray this pray with a sincere heart.

Prayer To Loose Addiction

Father God I declare an and suddenly release for those struggling with any type of drugs or strongholds now. I ask that you wipe the taste from their mouths, as the blood of Jesus has set them free. Settle them in their flesh as You strengthen them in their members. I ask for Your peace to consume them and shake them lose from the ties that bind. Asking for Your healing to grab hold of them and over flows in their heart, mind and body. Make the crooked places that reside in them, straight. Forgive them from all alarm and show them in plain view it is Your mighty hand that has spared them in this Thine hour, in the name of Jesus amen and amen.