House Finches Three Days Old

An awakening is the dawning of a new day at Gods hand. An example for today, to witness a momma house finch nesting and hatching her eggs. I experienced this up close and personal. It was the purest form of an awakening, on a smaller scale. This account was so timely as He keeps showing me awakenings. With a fresh set of eyes I saw the new birth, established in the earth. What He sets in motion, has a way of taking care of what is off in the cycle of life. This is with no intervention from man. There are those that would say He needs man to manipulate such a thing in the earth. I am here to tell you an awakening does not need man to move. They are always sustained within their own inhabitants.

On a global scale when an awakening occurs, the shift is so drastic many find the change difficult to adapt. Most change with the times but there are those resistant to change. Now God changes not, but we must adapt to change as that is how He turns us for the better. With each turn He crafts us to be more and more like Him. As a greater likeness, made in His image. Only the Creator would know how much to turn us to achieve greatness.

Then you send your Spirit, and new life is born to replenish all the living of the earth. #Psalm 104:30 TLB

Many times when God wants to show us a thing, it is right before our eyes. Often times we tend to miss it, as our focus is else where. When we get caught up in the hustle and bustle, of this thing called life. I am here to tell you nothing should become more important than His prompting. What He showed me in those moments, were marvelous in my eyes. What I saw captivated me so, I knew I had to take a picture. The baby house finches were roughly three days old. Their eyes weren’t opened yet, but their mouths were. I was in awe, I had not witnessed such an amazing sight. To see the birds hatched, eyes closed and yet mouths open for feeding was something only the Creator could perform. It caused me to realize how self-sufficient the baby birds really were. What is even more astounding is where the birds were hatched. The nest was nestled in a hanging fern plant. This is not a common site.  I was tickled at how God sets creation in motion. I also recognize He is God and God alone, He can do a thing however He chooses. The landscape and all its inhabitants belong to Him. How things are birthed, formed, live all is by His design and has a unique purpose.

 For the Lord, who created the heavens [a](He is God, who formed the earth and made it; He established it and did not create it to be a wasteland, but formed it to be inhabited) says this “I am the Lord, and there is no one else. Isaiah 44:18 AMP

The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him. Psalm 24:1 NLT

The truth is we are over due for something new to come forth. Daily awakenings are happening, but are we seeing them take place? Many would say it’s the sign of the times. Where things have gone so wrong in our society, that we have become desensitized to the signs and warnings of God. I am here to declare, when we as a nation turn back to Him then and only then, will He reset the course of things. This is the juncture where we allow Him to be our focus once again. That is when we will see a pouring out of His Spirit. Lives will be changed globally, not just in pockets. The resurgence is already forming and taking place. It’s happening here and there. Those that have the boldness to step out and move, as most would not engage.

Biblical Example

God has shown us in His word time and time again, something different is performed in order to change the landscape. An example of God doing something different is David and Goliath. God used the scrawniest, the runt of the eight brothers to take out the giant. The strides Saul and his army had made before, was no longer effective. At the most notable time, David presented himself to Saul, as the one to take out Goliath. He was self-assured that he was the new tool and measure, that God would use he, to take care of the giant thing they faced in that day. God had prepared David, long before he stepped up to face the giant. He prepared him as he defeated a lion and a bear previously. All and all he possessed the measure of faith he needed to do what he was called to do in that day. As the tide turned, it went from “desperate times called for desperate measures” to “desperate times calls for new measures”. David, was bold and confident in his stance and in doing so he was successful in defeating the giant.

Today, He is calling out the peculiar one’s, those who shall arise no matter the cost, as to what they’ll face or suffer. His answer to set things right with God, is for those that are charged to pray, must pray. The great divide that’s in effect as we know it, will only get worse until prayer warriors unite, in accordance with His word.  We are all to often using the same remedy for an age-old problem. When He solved a problem in His word, it was with a new tool and new measures. The answer is pray vessels, pray vessels, pray vessels!

Wake up, wake up, Jerusalem, and clothe yourselves with strength from God. Put on your beautiful clothes, O Zion, Holy City; for sinners—those who turn from God—will no longer enter your gates. Isaiah 52:1 TLB

Here is a song to encourage you: Send the Rain by William McDowell