A Spiritual Battle of Epic Proportions

Many don’t recognize that war has been waged against the Christians. I have come to let you know that we have everything we need to rise up against the enemy. Be mindful we have been authorized, deputized and fully equipped to war against the enemy. As the gates of hell shall not prevail. For the battle is not ours, it is Lords. Just as He declared to David in the midst of spiritual and natural battles, waged against him in that day.

No matter what we face remember “Can’t Nobody Stop Gods Plan”. When we are mindful of that fact we can move with all of the boldness we possess. Thats why its been so hard as the devil does not want us to reach our purposed destination. Go forth as He called you with no hesitation, but with great expectancy. As you are who God called you to be and nothing nor any demon can stop us.

You and Me Walk

One day I heard Jordan say mommy, “its like we are at war”. I looked over at him and said what did you say? He said we are at war and I asked him where did that come from he said, I don’t know. At some point I realized God was speaking through Jordan. On a different day but close together, I happened to be emotional while driving to work. Jordan was of course with me as he had a rehabilitation appointment scheduled for that day. While my head was turned – thinking he could not hear or see me, he said out of the blue mommy, “this is a battle between God and satan, but God’s going to win”. I looked at him yet again and said, where did you get that from? He said nobody.

What the Lord gave to Jordan was encouragement for me, in knowing…

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