Such an appropriate post for such a time as this. When we don’t know where we came from, how can we know where God has purposed us to go…

You and Me Walk

As quiet as its kept the phrase the blood, has massive meaning and packs bountiful benefits for every believer. As a result, this topic has been written and sung about in so many ways. I also pondered my Grandma Jenny’s way of always ending our conversation with, “stay under the blood”. Then there was the additional thought, how many ways can a person expound on this topic. As God would have it, He gave illumination to yet another piece to the puzzle, the Bible that is. Then I knew it is more important to be obedient and write, instead of suppressing the very thing He gave to me.  The blood, exploded within me and became a refreshing look at something so old. As yet something new and for such a time as this. I hope this newly shed light leaves a sweet and lasting impression on your heart.


Calvary – Golgotha

The location  where Jesus hung on the cross is nothing new. Calvary Golgotha’s mount, is the place where Jesus hung on the cross along with two criminals. This is…

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