Do you posses what you need for endurance of your latest storm? I am here to tell you God said you have everything you need 2 Peter 1:3 nlt. He gave me the word endurance. No, it’s not a new word but He broke the word down in the simplest of terms. He let me know that we each have a course or race to endure. This is how He broke it down…End-u-rance;

  • E-endure
  • U-your
  • R-race

Have you endured your latest storm? Are you growing weary by the constant attacks of the devil or the trying times you see around you? Yes, you have been tossed to and fro, don’t get out the boat and stay the course.

Did you know God gives each and everyone of us a course. In the course we have everything we need for endurance. As believers where we run into obstacles when we try to walk out someone else’s course or we choose to end our course abruptly and go with freewill. One thing is for sure we have what we need to endure the course. We don’t have what we need to go through someone else’s course. Should we decide in our own understanding to end our course abruptly, we can’t receive what he has for us as the course was not completed.

And all nations will hate you because you are my followers.[a] But everyone who endures to the end will be saved Matthew 10:22 nlt.

Personal Endurance

I’d like to tell you that everything has gone smoothly since my youngest son has gone to heaven. That is simply not the case. I am learning so much as God gives me these FROG post to write. I also now know, in order to write these post it requires my faith (next level) to know that I am hearing from God and being fully persuaded to write exactly what He says.

I presumed I could only write and post once I have moved past the season of the topic, God gave me. I am now fully persuaded and realize there is healing in writing and reading. It has become clear that there are those that need this post as they are experiencing the same. If I wait to post once I get through those that are in the season of topic would miss the new information. God gently showed me this in His word and by example. I looked at the word endurance and how the word relates to me in this season. Wow, where do I start, well I have experienced aggravation by the enemy in so many ways. In every area of my life I have experienced spiritual attacks that produced real impact one after the other and simultaneously. From my youngest son (in heaven), marriage, family, business, job, church and personal relationships. There are three things that stood out for me to indicate I have endured:

  • still standing
  • I don’t look like what I have been through
  • I am not alone

So be truly glad.[b] There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you have to endure many trials for a little while.  I Peter 1:6 nlt

I have tried making natural sense of it all. One would think why doesn’t she just give up and quit. Why is she still here? A family member told me as I have gone through, you are the female Job. I thought that is not a good thing to be compared to, we all know how his story went in the Bible. Family and friends told me to come  back home (CA). With all the different opinions one of the things that continues to resonate in my spirit is to endure. I am also certain and fully persuaded that I am not forsaken. God has not left me nor will he ever leave me alone. Even when my back was against the wall and all hope was not lost. I am convinced I am not getting out of the boat.


Patient endurance is what you need now, so that you will continue to do God’s will. Then you will receive all that he has promised. Hebrews 10:36 nlt

What came to me yet again one true litmus test is as the attacks and test intensified for me that is a clear indication that breakthrough is here. The time is now the storm and rain has passed, I am still standing strong. Yes I have been shaken and rocked to my core but God continues to affirm, be still and know that I am God.

I encourage you today and going forward as you are being tried, tested, aggravated and attacked by satan don’t get out of the boat. Don’t give up. One thing that continued to come my way is the opportunity to share God’s love and compassion to those He loves. I noticed as I was obedient sharing His love to others an attack or aggravation always followed. When we are sharing God’s love and compassion it is not physical by in large its your light shining from the inside out. People see your light shining on you and me and they want more of what you have. That is why most people reached out to me or written me in this season. Now there are the moments where the Holy Spirit nudges you to say something specific to someone, be open to Him pouring into you.

This brings to mind I was visiting a large church, won’t say the name. God had me tell the young man standing next to me that He, “wanted him”. The Lord had me ask him, “are you a believer” (note – God never ask a question He does not know the answer to). He responded, ” oh yeah my grandfather was a big time preacher in Austin. I heard again, “tell him I want him”. I said to him, “that’s fine but God wants you”. I remember him looking at me very strange like how could she know that. He stood there stunned. Then he began to speak with his fiancée and then he hugged me and thanked me. He then proceeded down to the alter. I thank God, I got out-of-the-way of self to say only what He wanted me to say for His glory.

The very next day all ‘he double hockey sticks’ (hell) broke loose. It was so much happening at once I could not breathe. I realized later after I got upset with God, saying why didn’t you tell me this would happen. Let me tell you it is useless to get upset with God. Once I realized that, I continued to walk and move as God predestined me. I now understood this was an attack. God had to get me to the point where I knew an attack or aggravation would take place. The attacks were taking place to stop me from obeying God. The enemy would have won each time I said I could not take it anymore. I repented to God and then dusted myself off and stayed in the boat. God knew I would not quit He created me to stand. The same applies to all as He created everyone and placed special things on the inside of each of us to win souls first and for His magnificent Glory. That’s how He knows we have already endured as only he knows the beginning and the end.

Here is a song that truly encouraged me in a time when its the nature of man to weep. This is the song that came to me. I hope it does the same for you:  Every Praise