We ask Lord God

Our kids set the tone for the school year academically, extra curriculum endeavors, and athletically

Refresh their minds and bring back anything they’ve learned in prior years that is beneficial

Their light shines in and out, to and fro

Stand up for right and not yield to things that aren’t of You

They help others where help is needed

Thank you for their teachers and that they pour into our children that which yields fruitful gains according to Your purpose

The teachers possess a passion to teach every student the teachable and untaught

Anything meant to hurt or harm our students, teachers and or administrators is turned around for the good. No weapon formed shall prosper

We cast down and do not accept sickness and disease as our children, teachers and administrators walk in divine health

We thank you Lord God that we see prosperous results for the 2013-14 school year. We decree and declare this prayer in Jesus name Amen!

Here is a song that encouraged me hope it does the same for you – You Are My Strength