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Once was lost

Have you ever lost something that was so precious, it effected your sleep and appetite? You searched high and low and could not find it. You retraced your steps and yet it was all a blur and still missing. You became anxious and upset, at all the memories tied to the precious item and here you couldn’t seem to locate. It has occupied your heart posture so, that nothing else could reside there. Truth is, what is precious to one person may be completely different for another. Did you ever stop to think the precious item (pendant, loved-one, necklace, key, time-piece, clothing etc.) was misplaced by design? Many times the precious item we’ve held near and dear to our hearts has been placed at such a high priority, the very One seeking to reside in our hearts. As there is no room for it is crowded with other things of higher importance.

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter. Pro. 25:2 NASB

Now think about your precious item in this manner. When you had the precious item were your thoughts consumed, so much so that you could not entertain anything else? Did you drop everything to search for this item and yet you still weren’t successful in locating the precious item? In some regards did you feel sick in, indescribable ways because you could not locate the precious item? If you answered yes to one or all of the above questions, your precious item was your priority and it has consumed you in your heart. It has become your focus. His word says, to be kept peaceful in our hearts and minds our focus must be steadfast on Him. But if we are so focused on the precious item or anything similar how could we trust in God to shift things in our lives?

You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you! Isaiah 26:3 NLT

Personal Anecdote

For me it was my diamond necklace given to me by a special person at that time. I held it so dear to my heart that I had no room for God to dwell there. I also placed my boys (John, Justin, and Jordan) and husband (in that season) above the Lord. The sad thing was, I knew better. I knew back then He was to be first in my life. You may say, is it fair to compare the precious item to God? Well that is what we are doing, and isn’t that what the children of Israel did, they worshipped idols over God. Today do we indulge in the same manner with our precious items (idols). God said, He’ll have no other gods before Him. He made it clear in His word, He’ll be second to nothing or no one. Once my heart posture shifted, I discovered my thing. No not in the way you are thinking. The true treasure is Jesus in my heart and then everything else falls into place. Did it return my son Jordan, no but I learned I’ll see him one day in Heaven. Me finding my true precious item, Jesus in my life, drew my living sons John and Justin back to appreciate me more. Now I have room in my heart to receive what God has for me. What about you, is there room in your heart for Jesus?

To be found in Jesus

“You shall have no other gods before Me. Exodus 20:3 NKJV

Biblical Example

Now man will see something as lost. God will always see us as found because He knows the beginning from the ending of every story. Through Gods lens He’ll see us as forgiven even when we need to forgive. Case and point: the prodigal son went away and then at a later time came back to his father. After he went through distresses of life and even spent all he had, he returned home. The prodigal’s return home is like you or I returning to the arms of Jesus. As He is the God of a
second chance. He is sure to welcome us back as we will leave Him before He ever leaves us. Many times things will happen in our life so that we can truly see without God we are nothing. For us all to see we can’t make it without HE. Once the eldest son returned home, his father welcomed him with open arms. The oldest son had to go away to appreciate what he had at home. In doing so, not only did he appreciate what he left behind. He also realized the error of his ways. It was an unconditional love for his father to receive him back with open arms. That is what our Heavenly Father does for us. He receives us back with open arms.

For this son of mine was dead and has come to life again; he was lost and has been found.’ And they began to celebrate. Luke 15:24 NASB

Another parable of lost and found; Jonah, he walked away from Gods calling for his life. Jonah told God he was not going to preach to the people in Nineveh. So in his disobedience the Father got his attention with the storm at sea and the great fish swallowing him whole. This gave Jonah time to think and realize he was willing to do it Gods way. Once he got his mind and heart right in three days he the fish released him back where it all got started, Nineveh. So God gave him a second chance to do His will. Just as He will for you and I.

But I will offer sacrifices to you with songs of praise, and I will fulfill all my vows. For my salvation comes from the Lord alone.” Jonah 2:9

To be found by Jesus


Are you one that has been lost and desires to be found by the Father or maybe you have put your precious thing above God:  Join me and pray this prayer in these moments:

Father God I need you, I know I am nothing without You. I have tried my way and it does not

work I repent of all my sins. I relinquish control to You. So that You gain full access

over my life. My navigation is faulty Lord, I want You to be the Master of

my ship from now on. Jesus come into my heart lead me on help me to stand for right.

I believe Lord your son died on the cross and rose in three days and is seated at Your

right hand. I ask for peace to soothe me, I ask for strength to keep me, and

I ask for comfort so that I can rest in You. I love You Lord in Jesus name Amen and Amen.

Here is an encouraging song: Beauty for Ashes by Crystal Lewis

Old: Dandelion

I thought about all the old that had to go before the new and very much alive entered into my life. I also remembered the moment when I saw all the old little by little fall from my hands and heart. I asked the Father, so I had to lose the old before the new came to me? The answer was yes. For He doesn’t multiply on top of mess. When I surrendered my all to the Father it meant submission to His will for my life. No matter how painful that process entailed. The scripture reference couldn’t have been more true, “the old things are passed away and behold He makes all things new”… Those words in its truest form, remind us the old must go before the new comes forth. The old is our sin nature. The Father so lovingly dealt with this in the old and the new… The wages of sin is death. That scripture is referring to both spiritual and physical death over time. I lost this, I lost that, I lost people who I loved and even the tangible things. I later realized the true treasure was Him filling me up and over time He made a better me. This statement became true for me over time no matter how much I lost.

 Put off your old nature which belongs to your former manner of life and is corrupt through deceitful lusts, 23 and be renewed in the spirit of your minds, Ephesians 4:22-23 RSV

Personal Anecdote

Just let this simmer for a moment, before there can be a resurrection there has to be a death. In the physical, spiritual and reality formation. My father and biological mom and their siblings all passed away over the last seven years. At first I could not understand why His plan had to include so much death. Now I know where I am headed they could not enter in. It’s equivalent to Moses not entering into the promise land. Whereas Joshua led the next generation of the children of Israel into the promise land. The Father also showed me how to grieve as a believer. I must say I did attend formal counseling but it was not something that I would contribute to my fulfillment of healing. God performed healing in me and through me like only The Surgeon, can and did. He spoke His word to me and then I spoke it over myself. Did it happen all at once or did I have an “and suddenly” miraculous healing in the area of grief? No not at all. Remember God can perform a thing however He chooses, as He is Sovereign. When I used the word The Surgeon, that was by design. As He took His time in reconstructing me, Jacqueline Elaine Hudson. While I was experiencing death in various areas of my life, His grace covered me continually. In evidence, grace was so sufficient as it concerned me, it was lathered up and even spilling over from here and there. When I thought I would not make it through the peelage of grief, suffering, and shame. He was my mainstay. to remind me His grace was more than enough to get me through all the turmoil.

Biblical Example

I heard a Pastor respond to a question, he was asked about the scripture God doing a new thing… He said he didn’t think God was doing a new thing. At that precise moment, I was reminded of a key parable. Something new was only going to be unveiled to the very one who is assigned to move in formation, as the new thing. Just as the Lord didn’t reveal the new thing to Eli, in the bible. He did however, reveal the new thing to Samuel, the finish thing. The miracle in that day, God saw him as the finish thing or beautiful, and he was just a lad at that time. Once He had his undivided attention, God told him He was going to do something new through him. His plan for Samuel was only to be revealed over time.

 Pay attention! I am about to do something so amazing in Israel that it will sting the ears of everyone who hears it. 1 Sam. 3:11VOICE

The ultimate example; “It Had To Die” was and is Jesus. For he came so that we might have life more abundantly. The One who knew no sin was assigned to die for our sin today. Only the Alpha and Omega would have such a strategically orchestrated plan, to prepare the way for you and I today. Jesus died on the cross and was resurrected in three days. He lovingly died so that we might live eternally. The Father performed something better for us, Jesus was resurrected in three days and then was seated at the right hand of the Father. You and I, our old self dies and we are a new creation in Christ Jesus. As new creation, we are showcased to display Gods love, changing lives one at a time. Be mindful there are those watching you to see Gods story in you and me. This is how, God transforms lives one creation at a time.

New: Dandelion

Natural Anecdote

Neither is new wine put into old wineskins; if it is, the skins burst, and the wine is spilled, and the skins are destroyed; but new wine is put into fresh wineskins, and so both are preserved. Matt. 9:17 RSV

So then the Lord shows me something incredible, that I never knew. He revealed the example of transformation old to the new in agricultural form, just to make it rhema for me. He uses whatever He chooses to draw all men unto Him. After all, the earth is the Lords and the fullness there of. He uses this young (child-like-faith) lady to show me the dandelion. I never paid attention to the dandelion as I always saw it as a weed. I learned there are two forms of the dandelion. There’s the yellow looking flower that represents the old and at the appointed time it dies. Then the new comes forth, as the white dandelion where you can blow the soft feathers one at a time. Even in the dandelion there is of state transformation from the old to the new. We should all be mindful, don’t ever be at the point where you can’t learn something new. For He is constantly pouring into new wine skin.


Here is an encouraging song: Changed by Geoffrey Golden

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Big Beautiful Sunflower

I met joy today,

she was all I

thought she would

be and more. She had

bumps, bruises and

battle scars just like the rest.

What made her stand-out

there was nothing that yielded

quit about her. It was as though

she was created to forge ahead

no matter what she faced.

In fact she was fortified

to endure until her Creator

rescued her, just as He had

time and time again. For

He never forsook her.

She was tall like an oak tree,

child like in spirit

and destiny was upon her.

She embraced all

that crossed her path

and made them stronger

in their weakness,

bold in their character

and courageous in their

resemblance of fear.

She didn’t fold

to insurmountable odds,

neither did she hold

on to past woes.

Her cries were used

to refresh, build, launch, and flourish her

far greater than her previous

destination. For her arrival was

predestined, her movements

were motioned from the

get-go, and

her stage was sojourned

one after the other.

As her Creator kept revealing to her

a joy realized had

been in her heart all along.

She alone had to discover it,

one ounce of strength at a time.

This led her to seek and so she found.

Knock and the doors were opened

and so she asked and it was given.

Her greatest treasure finds surfaced;

at just the right moment,

as she was strengthened

in the midst of her joy and her Creator

never went back on His words;

for He was always right there.

… Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10 

The young women will dance for joy, and the men—old and young—will join in the celebration.
I will turn their mourning into joy. I will comfort them and exchange their sorrow for rejoicing. Jeremiah 31:13 NLT

You have turned my mourning into dancing for me; You have taken off my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, Psalm 30:11


Here is an encouraging song: You Are So Beautiful by Jonathan Butler

Creator Paints The Canvas


The anointing I have woven in you,

has appointed you for this Thine hour

arranged in you for My glory

to avail you for others in crisis mode.

Not to remove the burden

but to be a light through a dark place.

I designed you to be someone’s revival.

Now grab ahold and tread

in the place

where I have led you.

The light within is illuminated

for such a time as this.

The intensity of brightness increases

with each step closer to destiny,

the magnitude of anointing widens

with each moment closer

to the place of promise.


Destiny Unfolding at His Hand

I must warn you

should you accept the mission,

it will be uncomfortable

and there will be times

you feel alone

but hold on tight

for I am with you

all the way in spirit and truth.

I can’t leave My creation.

Keep your eyes on ME

for I will aid you at every turn.

Refresh you in times like these.

I will cause you to rest when you’re weary.

Above all else

there is none greater than I.

Now Go and follow My lead,

speak what I told you to say.

Move where I motion you.

You are My plant,

in this covert operation called life.

Haggai 1:13  Matthew 22:14  2 Chron. 20:17


His Majestic Dew


As life vigilantly peels back

the petals of a rose to its core,

there in lies the pain;

a stoney heart, bitterness, shame,

grief, shattered dreams, sorrow, and

even jealousy stored away for a rainy

day. With every petal there was a

bellowing barrage of pain stowed

away causing the petals to be stiff.

The slightest tragic circumstance is

sure to surface the luggage of pain.

To set the petals free and come into

alignment for healing.

As the dew falls on the petals it

assures the release of baggage.

Causing the petals to flow freely.

This newly found freedom sets in

motion a revival, renaissance and

revelling sure to bring the rose to

attention. If His dew never surfaces

upon the rose it is sure to remain

thirsty and wither away.

His Dew Upon A Rose

His plan is for not one rose to die on the vine. As He desires for none to expire. Gentle breezes continue to come our way. To dawn upon our hearts to cause a resurgence in Him. His patience is threaded with love and mercy. Assurance of all that will come into the fold at their moment of truth. To be resuscitated by the dew that never runs dry. The dew that yields eternally. The dew that causes others to see a change has come.

Jeremiah 31:25  Hosea 13:3  Joel 2:22  Lamentations 3:22 

Micah 5:7

Here is an encouraging song: Comforter by CeCe Winans


But I called upon the Lord in my distress, And he heard me from his Temple. My cry reached his ears. 2 Sam. 22:7 TLB


And do not be worried, for the joy of the Lord is your strength and your stronghold.” Nehemiah 8:10 AMP


Look, I have given you the authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy; nothing will ever harm you. Luke 10:19


Here is an encouraging song: Life and Favor by John P. Kee


How the Potter sees the clay

Think back for me, to a time when you experienced earth shattering news. Let ne ask you, did you ever think about the next trial, test, or tragedy? Or was it all you could do to handle your current circumstance? Now hold that thought, while I tread further in this story. Years ago while attending church I heard the Pastor say “get over it”. He said many of us have gone through something, some more than others. He also stated, if we continued in the vein, of not letting go of what has hurt us, we would remain glued to the things of the past. At the time of the Pastor’s bold message, I had not experienced what I have endured over the last thirteen years. Fast forwarding to the here and now and having gone through midnight after midnight, trial after trial and test after test. I asked the Lord early on and in my quality time with He. I asked of Him, “why me”? He replied with three words, “why not you”?

The truth is, I had gone through so many hardships from the age of three, I thought how could there be any thing worst than the current episode. Then when the next trial hit, like the waves crashing on the banks of the shore, it was even greater than the last. So if the last trial was a category 2, the next was category 3, and so on from there. There are those that would say, if you are still going through you must have sinned in a great way. That use to concern me but now I know many of those same individuals, said that’s not God. After reflecting and the Lord confirming His word over and over again in my heart, mind and body. I realize now those that said, what I was going through was not God, had not endured great heart ache and if they had, they did not draw close to Him. Because His word states My sheep know my voice and a stranger’s voice he will not follow. Furthermore satan would not have said those words. Those three words are designed to set the captives free. His (satan) design is to kill, steal and destroy. He wants us bound and not set free.

The clay in the raw

As I think back to the moment when I heard the Lord say, “why not you”?  I had laid on my face before the Lord.. Seeking Him in all things to obtain answers as to why me? I was utterly dumb founded at His reply, in my mind who could ask such a thing? I’ll tell you Who could ask, God alone, The Creator of all things would ask such a question of me and you. I meditated on those three words… Those three words were pivotal and pricked my heart. They truly got my attention, as it moved me to examine my inner-most me, for the right reply to God. There were no words deemed adequate to God. Nor did my heart posture budge Him in any way on this particular weighted circumstance. I wish I could tell you, He took back those three words and lifted the heavy trial. But that would be a false statement of the Lord. One thing is for certain we can always check His word. As He always confirms His word in scripture and out of the mouth of two or three witnesses.

This is the third time I am coming to you. Every fact is to be confirmed by the testimony of two or three witnesses. 2 Cor. 13:1 NASB

As I drafted this post I am reminded He is mindful of me and you. So in short, He knows what we can handle according to the measure of faith, He has instilled in us. After all, He is the Ancient of Days, the Alpha and Omega, Jehovah Tsidkenu [Lord our righteousness]… just to name a few. Nestled in His word and as the fruit gleamed I continue to be enlightened by the weight of His word. I submit to you His plan includes us to handle and perform greater exploits. For Jesus said to the disciples greater works shall you do. That word was true for the disciples, but also it holds true today.

… Since God has assigned to each of us a measure of faith. Romans 12:3 VOICE

“I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father.John 14:12


The clay

Biblical Instruction For Today:

What The Father laid out for me in His word. Every trial, test, and triumph had purpose. My surrender, gave God full control of my life and in doing so He has transformed me and yet still. I discovered mankind reinvents himself, but God transforms from the inside out. With full autonomy over my life the Potter shaped me the clay, one tragedy, trial, test, and triumph at a time. There have been times I have tried to go around His will and realized the clay can’t outsmart the Potter. There have also been times where He had to restart how He has shaped me, because of my disobedience. The amazing grace part, I never frustrated grace, so badly that I reached a point of no return. He never gave up on me, even though I wanted to quit Him, but Love said not so. He’s not done with me, it’s really only begun in God’s eyes, as one day to you and I, is like a thousand years to Him. So I ask you, does your plan include His plan? There in lies the main ingredient for success, His plan is your plan. I must warn you, be careful going all the way with Him, it may cost you everything.

But who are you, a mere man, to talk back to God? Will what is formed say to the one who formed it, “Why did you make me like this?” Romans 9:20 HCSB

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God , to those who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28 NKJV

Here is an encouraging song: God Only Knows by King & Country

God Pours Out His Spirit

A grace never fleeting

nor seen with the naked eye

or beholden in hand. Assurance of grace

is sufficient for steps fallen short.

Eyes wide open on purpose, a purified focus on Him as He keeps

her in perfect peace.

The sparkle in her eyes imaged from her heart

will lead many to the Amazing Light,

opening up doors to a vast new world

with expansive views that holds

His sight within range yet for a predestined moment in time.

She pursued His vision while etched on her heart,

to unlock the secrets of old yet purposed for a new day.

To clear the pathway prepared so long ago by the Ancient Of Days,

leading the next generation from one destination to the next.

Never skipping a beat,

many dreams are held in the hands of the Visionary

to bring the sheaves in from the utter most parts of the Earth.

His requited peace will cover her when moments seem

to be of despair

and time has lapsed from shielding the hurricane.

Only to be unlocked at the designated hour.

You are a vested warrior tried and true;

washed by the blood

purposed by His Spirit

purified in His grace

pursuing His presence

chartered for peace

to display His glory,

A light shone to others

drawing them to the Marvelous.

A veil surrounding her to protect and shield from all

of those not designed to tread into the seasons

purposed, purified, pursued to the destination.


“Praise the Lord who has given rest to his people Israel, just as he promised. Not one word has failed of all the wonderful promises he gave through his servant Moses. 1 Kings 8:56 NLT

You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You. Isaiah 26:3

He who loves purity of heart And has grace on his lips, The king will be his friend. Proverbs 22:11 NKJV


Here is an encouraging song It’s Your Time by Donald Lawrence

  • Hand picked from His vineyard

For You formed my [nward parts; You wove me in my mother’s womb.I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, Psalms 139:13-14

In and out of seasons, we tend to wear layers that conceal, the bonafide you. So when it comes to our most authentic self we don’t even know who that is. When it comes down to the heart of the matter, many of us have created so many facades that we don’t even know who we are. Every facade we’ve created are layers to conceal, the bonafide you. The layers over the years are formed for various reasons; either we are ashamed of a time period in our lives, we are making up for deficits where we think we don’t measure up, or we just don’t see ourselves as worthy. In essence we don’t love ourselves. The more time passed with each facade or layer, it becomes more comfortable in the facade than living our destiny of truth… the bonafide you.

Newsflash in order to reach any pinnacle in life, we must learn how to adapt in the bonafide you; design He purposed. Yes we can function in someone elses design until the challenges of life hit. Then it becomes truth serum time. This is the juncture where we face who we really are, versus who we are not. The ultimate, is to arrive at a point where we are comfortable with the skin we are in. Not the skin with layers we have presumed to fit into. Many times to walk in the bonafide you stride, it means we must walk alone first, before others begin to embrace the bonafide you. I have discovered in my most vulnerable way, I was a people pleaser. In a previous season it was more important what people thought of me, then what God had chosen for me. I had sold-out to what I thought others had wanted to see of me. Rather than going all the way in the bonafide blueprint He had envisioned for me.

Now as I have turned the corner, of my life I chose to embrace, embody, and surrendered to embark upon in tapestry He had woven for me, from the beginning. For you see God knew at just the right moment, no matter how painful; I would become sick and tired of being sick and tired of faking the funk or more appropriately stated, walking in someone’s footsteps I was designed not to be.

 Whoever is a believer in Christ is a new creation. The old way of living has disappeared. A new way of living has come into existence. 2 Corinthians 5:17 GW


The bonafide you

Personal Anecdote

Think for a moment about wearing a pair of shoes that don’t fit. Imagine how your feet ache because they are not the right size or the make of the shoe is meant for style and not comfort. For years you had chosen to wear shoes too small as you had not embraced your bonafide self, which includes your shoe size. This was your way of fitting in with the crowd. Even down to your shoe size you were an imposture. This was not the only area you weren’t in your truest form. This was the crux of a greater issue as you weren’t pleased with yourself. So it materialized in many ways of you not being who you were designed to be.

I am not talking out the side of my neck as this was me, in past seasons. All because I was not comfortable in my own skin. I didn’t know how to be, the bonafide me. I was seeking to be someone everybody accepted and wanted to fit in. I learned later, I was not meant to fit in. Because of who God made me, from before I was even a thought I was by design to be the standard and not conform to the standards of this world. So if the thought came to you while reading, how do I know all of this? I am not just a writer but also one that was not in her true self. I submit to you this all leads back to not being happy in my own skin. When I sought the Lord, He showed me a better me. It has taken time to arrive on the bonafide me street. Now that I am there, many have asked how, when, where, why did I get to this point. That becomes the window of opportunity to relay how He is doing, the bonafide work in me. It can’t be rushed, duplicated, or coveted. As we are all striving to be crowned as unique, rare, finely crafted vessels, found in His vineyard.

“Before I formed you in your mother’s womb I chose you. Before you were born I set you apart. I appointed you to be a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5 NET If you listen to these commands of the Lord your God that I am giving you today, and if you carefully obey them, the Lord will make you the head and not the tail, and you will always be on top and never at the bottom. Deut. 28:13 NLT

Walking in your calling

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Think about your most desperate time in life. Now that you have that thought in mind. Contrast that thought with a refreshment. Not just any refreshment but one that causes you to go from thirsty to quenched. One that causes you to go from desperate to refreshed. One that causes you to go from broken to mended. So what are we talking about here? Think back to that desperate time of yours and imagine Him turning that desperation into a refreshment. You know at your low of lows where no one was there to pick-up the pieces. You instinctively cried out to Him because somewhere in the annals of your mind and heart you were moved to cry out to Him. Whether it was your father, mom, grandmother, aunty or friend that planted a seed. For you to call on Him in your darkest moment. You recalled that seed and called on Him in the midnight hour. He responded to your call. He met you right where you knelt, faced down, or stood in the midst of the trial.

‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and [a]mighty things, which you do not know.’ Jeremiah 33:3 NKJV

I want you to know friend, He answered the call and gave you a refreshment. No fear necessary as He refreshed you from the inside out and eased your woes. As He wooed you to draw near and give you a peace that surpasses all understanding. No, the problem did not go away in many cases. But there would have been an immediate peace to come over you and there in lied the refreshment. The peace that shows up when nothing else will do, but arrest your thoughts and captivate your heart. The peace that surface when all else fails. The Jehovah Shalom peace that hovers and cradles you in Spirit and truth. That no person can give you.

He will cause you to be a refreshment for someone else. Even when it seems your back is against the wall. When many times you don’t have the energy or time to be some one else’s refreshment. That’s where our hearts posture should be tuned into Him. Just as we tune into our favorite tv show. That’s really what He desires of us. For it’s when we tune into Him, He will show us who to aid and how. If your first mind tells you, “God helps those who helps themselves”. That’s not how He operates. Of course He will use you to come to someone’s aid and provide refreshment. We (society) as a whole are accustomed to not help someone as we are self-minded. Many times thinking what can I get out of this or how did he or she get in this predicament. I implore you to put aside all of your stinking thinking. When we feel that nudge to help someone, that is your opportunity to display Jesus. If you don’t have your ducks in a row that is a golden opportunity to be the unlikeliest vessel to be used by God. His word reads, if we are willing and obedient we shall eat the good of the land. You will know it’s Him prompting you to help because satan wouldn’t have you to help. Remember it’s never self-serving but selfless acts that bear witness to His works. There again, His word reads My sheep know My voice and a strangers voice he will not follow.

The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed. Proverbs 11:25

Personal Example

I was leaving court just recently and felt uneasy about the outcome, before my eyes. As I walked towards my vehicle we approached this familiar area. We saw this waterfall and noticed the clarity of the water. We both saw the water in a different hue. So we began to chronicle the moment with pictures. In doing so we noticed something amazing in the pictures and the water. It was a refreshment from the Holy Spirit. It was duly noted in the water and in the photograph. His word states those that have eyes let them see and ears let them hear. I was reminded in those pivotal moments no matter the forecast of my circumstance I am free. For where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. I have searched high and low and the only One that can quench my thirst such as that moment and greater is the Lord Jesus.

A Refreshment

I’ll refresh tired bodies; I’ll restore tired souls. Jeremiah 31:25 MSG

Biblical Example

The woman at the well was desperate and at a divine moment she stood next to Jesus in the midst of it all. As He told her of her desperation, how she had five husbands that weren’t hers and even the one she was currently with was not hers. When he revealed her struggles to her it was like showing her a mirror. He didn’t condemn in that moment He actually redeemed her from her sinful ways. Rather than one drink of water from the natural well, He offered her to drink from the well of which she would never thirst again. In that day she became an awesome mouth piece for Jesus as here she was at her moment of desperation and he turned it into a life altering refreshment. Where she would never thirst again and receive eternal life. Jesus never demonstrated himself as to good to stand along side her. As a matter of mention he loved on her in her desperation and quenched her thirst with him, the Living Water. Assuring her she would never thirst again. Maybe that’s you today, where you are parched in your desperation and need a drink of the Living Water. If this is you, pray this prayer out loud and watch how God yields a refreshment right where you are. Just as the woman at the well in that day or me in my moment of thirst.


Father I am tired and thirsty as my way has not worked. I surrender all to Your will for my life. I look to You, to give me a peace that surpasses all of my understanding. I ask for You to refresh and restore my life from the top to the bottom. Aid me in my crisis as I lay down my cares at Your feet, I repent of my sins. I believe Jesus is your son and he died on the cross and rose from the dead and is now seated at Your right hand. Thank you that I am apart of the family of God and I won’t turn back in Jesus name Amen and Amen.

Here is an encouraging song In Your Presence by William McDowell

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